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Knowsley Business Park is situated on the outskirts of picturesque Knowsley Village, Merseyside and is home to a number of blue chip companies including CPD.

CPD PLC needed to provide further car parking for the exclusive use of the employees and visitors of the business park. The land identified for this is surrounded by well established mature trees of many different species.

Providing new parking and access areas around these trees could have caused severe damage to the tree root structure, resulting in possible loss of the trees. Recognising that trees provide a number of important functions including: temperature control, environmental aesthetics, the retention of airborne contamination, provide habitat for wildlife and regulates stormwater run off. The protection of our existing tree stock is a vital element of environmental protection of our towns and cities.

The main design requirements from the design team was to provide a system that helped to dissipate vehicular loadings from over compacting the sub soil and to provide a fully sustainable drainage system that dealt with stormwater at source. Advantage Civil Engineering Supplies Ltd worked in partnership with Geosynthetics to solve this problem by proposing the use of a combination of our landscaping products.

The Cellweb Tree Root Protection System, infilled with a clean angular stone, was used to provide a stable platform and reduce the compaction of the sub soils from loadings applied by the car park traffic.

The Cellweb system is a no dig solution and is simply installed over the Fibertex F4M Geotextile which is placed over existing top soil. The clean stone infill and side wall perforations of the Cellweb promote vertical and lateral drainage and aeration to the tree roots.

The surfacing needed to be a fully porous system, to remove the surface water runoff immediately, reducing flood risk and also the need for expensive sub surface drainage systems.

The client CPD Plc selected TurfPave recycled plastic paving system as the preferred solution. TurfPave is a plastic grid type unit that can be filled with either grass or gravel to provide an attractive alternative to hard landscaping and surfacing products. The TurfPave was laid over the Cellweb and infilled with a decorative gravel.

This provided an aesthetically pleasing finish to the car park and more importantly a fully porous paving system that allows stormwater to drain through the system immediately. Providing much needed nutrients to the surrounding trees.

The total area amounted to approx 2700m2 and was installed very efficiently, with limited plant and machinery required to carry out the installation. Once again Advantage were able to offer a solution tailored to the clients needs that was environmentally friendly, robust, attractive and cost effective.

Knowsley Business Park.

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